Python 3.3 Virtual Environments at PYPTUG

At PyCarolinas, I mentioned to Francois Dion that I would be glad to give presentations to the fledgling Python Piedmont Triad User Group. Little did I know then that he would take me up on my offer so soon.

When Francois asked if I would give a presentation for the February PYPTUG meeting, I was already planning on giving a presentation to the TriZPUG meeting the same week. So it was easy to say yes and get double miles from one talk. Frankly, I'd jump at any chance to talk about Python in my hometown of Winston-Salem and on the beautiful campus of Wake Forest University.

You may find my PYPTUG presentation "Python 3.3 Virtual Environments" here. There were also great lightning talks about Brython, Pelican, and GIMP Python-fu scripting.

I might start making the trek to more PYPTUG meetings. In addition to monthly meetings, PYPTUG has monthly PyHack workshops at the Fablocker hacker space in Winston-Salem. Past PyHack workshops have dealt with Raspberry Pi and PyGame.