Python Testing Fundamentals at PyOhio

I had the good fortune to have a talk selected for PyOhio, which is one of the most well organized Python community events and celebrating its fifth year this year. You may find my PyOhio presentation "Python Testing Fundamentals" here. Code samples for the presentation are available in tgz and zip formats.

While at PyOhio, I was invited to bring PyCamp to PyOhio 2013. PyOhio PyCamp 2013 will be happening the week of July 22-26 right before the PyOhio conference weekend of July 27-28. Both PyOhio PyCamp and conference will take place again at the Ohio Union on the campus of Ohio State University. This will be an exciting event, as PyCampers will be able to go straight from learning Python into the larger Python community at PyOhio. PyOhio PyCamp will be a fundraiser for the PyOhio 2013 conference, a free Python conference.